What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people and the world around them. Autism exists in all cultures, ethnicities, races, and gender identities, but not every autistic person is the same. Autism exists on a spectrum, meaning each person experiences autism in a different way and the amount and types of support services they need will vary.
“Each child with autism is unique and the complexities of everyday life can be daunting for families when dealing with the range of challenges they may face, which is why we are creating a centralized, Independent Intake Organization to help families navigate and access the services available. Our needs-based Ontario Autism Program is built by the community, for the community because we believe every child deserves the supports they need to help them reach their full potential.”
Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services

The Ontario government is making it easier for families to access services in the needs-based Ontario Autism Program (OAP) with the selection of the Independent Intake Organization (IIO), which will help families navigate the program from intake to funding.

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The OAP will provide direct support to families who are accessing or are interested in accessing the OAP by helping families:

  • Understand and make informed choices about their service options in the OAP
  • Make informed choices on how to receive funding
  • Find and select qualified service providers
  • Complete and submit required documentation and reconcile invoices
  • Feel supported in connecting to available resources and services in their local communities.

"HealthCare 365 is proud and excited to be able to provide the tools and supports that will allow children and their families to have a more coordinated, caring, and managed experience with providers and programs. We are delighted to be involved with a world-class team to create the best experience for children and families in need."
Skip Schwartz, CEO of HealthCare 365

The Consortium

The IIO will be delivered through a partnership between Accerta Services Inc., McMaster University, Autism Ontario, and HealthCare 365. The IIO partners bring together significant experience in administering public programs, supporting children and youth on the autism spectrum and their caregivers, care coordination, service navigation, research, and healthcare education.